Friday Night Lights

The time we have spent preparing for is finally here, THE WORLDWIDE OPEN!

If you are registered to compete, here is what your schedule will look like for this upcoming week...

Monday 2/19- This will be our last trip "back in time" revisiting past Open workouts. Practice any assigned movements to the Open standard, record your score for future reference, and give it your best training effort! This should be your last "hard" day until attacking 18.1 on Friday

Tuesday 2/20- This Tuesday should mark the beginning of a "deload." A true deload week allows your body's connective tissues, joints, and muscles, (and mind) to fully heal and adapt to all your training stressors, while still preserving any #gainz that have been made. If you execute this correctly over the course of several days, you should feel completely reinvigorated and ready to CRUSH a workout HARD again by Friday.

Wednesday- Active recovery day. Light aerobic activity, stretching, relaxing.

Thursday- Active recovery or total rest day. *18.1 will be announced at 8pm! Gather at the box with friends & food for the unveiling of the workout.

Friday- THIS IS IT! All Open competitors should be ready to go at 6:30pm. Not registered? There will be a (different & pre-determined) workout for the normal 4:30 and 5:30pm class so that you can still get your workout in and have adequate notice of it!

*TWO-A-DAY ATHLETES- Please know that no new "fitness" will be made this week. It takes longer than a couple days to adapt and recover from workouts. That being said, please do NOT hit two challenging workouts a day (including HIIT) during this time if you want to truly submit your best score during the Open. You are welcome to still come by and ride the bikes, jump rope, row, stretch, or just hang out during the morning classes, but please don't kill yourself trying to "cram for the exam"

There's STILL TIME TO REGISTER! Be a part of the action, community, and break through your old limitations. Sign up at

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