We are pleased to announce the launch of our Weightlifting (or, commonly known in the U.S as "Olympic Weightlifting") classes, beginning Monday April 10th! It's been in the works for quite some time now, did you know that we are Bedford Virginia's only registered Weightlifting club?

If you're interested in ganing proficiency in the Olympic Games' "strongest" sport, then this class is for YOU. Whether your reason is for improved body awareness, strength development, sport performance, or purely recreational. There are no fitness prereuisites in order to join our class.

The class will be facilitated by a USAW Level 1 coach, held every Monday evening at 4:30pm and last 45 minutes to an hour. The structure is quite similair to our fitness classes (dynamic warm-up, technique work, the lift itself, and then accompanying assistance work.) We hope you all are as excited as we are to kick off a new class!

******To our athletes that also participate in our fitness classes: this class is included in your monthly membership dues, and your allotted "punches" can also be spent toward this class as well. We are offering this class to serve as a source of variety in your daily training. Meaning, if you want to just lift on Monday, and then do conditioning your other remaining days of the week, then GREAT! If you choose to do the weightlifting class and then follow it with the group fitness class (that also includes its own strength work for the day) then do so at your own risk. Overuse injuries are a very real thing when you're pushing your athletic boundaries, and we cannot guarantee that the weightlifitng program will not conflict with the other fitness classes. (For example, if "clean pulls" are programmed for weightlifting at 4:30pm, and max effort deadlifts at 5:30pm.)

To put it simply; please do not try to work yourself to death with 8+ workouts a week! We go to the gym to improve our strength and longevity; not compromise it!

To learn more about the lifts and sport, visit here

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