Programming: Upcoming Week

Hey all,

Since many of you are competing in the 3rd Annual Hill City Throwdown next weekend, we want to set you up for success as best as possible. So, this upcoming week should serve as a "deload." That means...

1.) Paying attention to what your body is telling you.

If you have been persistently sore or had a minor nagging injury, then this deloading time is especially imperative for you to recover, in order to perform your best later this week.

2.) No "maximum effort" anything!

You can still hit your usual lifts, but we will prescribe you some lower percentages to work off instead of going for maximum reps on the final set as you normally do.

3.) This is NOT the week to try something new.

If an Rx weight looks debatable or you "REALLY want to get your first muscle-up", this is not the time to take risks. Stay humble and focused on what's most important in the long run.

4.) Please refrain from tearing your hands!

If you know your hands are tender or vulnerable, try to keep any "hanging" movements to a minimum this week! You can sub it out for a similar movement and still get a good workout.

(i.e- instead of toes-to-bar, you can replace them with V-ups)

5.) If you do not want to participate in the WOD but don't want to sit on the couch and eat potato chips; you certainly may use the regular class time to stretch, air dyne, jump rope, or other light activity. (This does not include trying for a new PR on a lift or any other high skill movements)

THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYONE THAT IS PARTICIPATING! Remember that all proceeds from the Throwdown will benefit the YMCA's Summer Learning Loss Prevention Program, and YOU are helping fund the cause!


Ariel & John

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