May 6th, 2015


Basic Gymnastics

1.) Kick-up to handstand

2.) Max effort chin-over-bar hang

*Sub max effort "dead hang" if you do not yet have the strength to hold yourself up


Today we will be completing a few more baseline performance benchmarks.

Take a couple attempts to establish your best:

1.) 400m Sprint

*Rest as needed between efforts

2.) 500m Row

*Rest as needed between efforts

3.) 100 Double Unders for time

(-OR- AMRAP 2 Minutes if still not proficient yet)

We HIGHLY encourage you all to keep a little workout log to record your benchmarks (such as 1RM's, time trials, "girl" workouts...) in order to track your progess, as we will be repeating these efforts periodically! Gooooo fitness!

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